Social Work Month 2016


Each year, the month of March is dedicated to celebrating and bringing public  awareness to the accomplishments of social work as a profession.  NASW has announced the theme for 2016 – “Forging Solutions Out of Challenges.” In my mind, this perfectly describes what we strive for and what we achieve as social workers. Social workers address challenges that affect society on every level on a daily basis and work to find solutions to those challenges in a meaningful, positive way.

Below is the link for more information.  There are some great ideas on how you can be involved and how you can contribute to this important message.


On behalf of socialworkguide.com, thank you for making a difference. Look for more information on how we plan to contribute to Social Work Month by signing up for our newsletter at www.socialworkguide.com or following us on Facebook or Twitter.

January 18, 2016

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