Contest to Celebrate Social Work Month


March is Social Work Month, as designated by the National Association of Social Workers. This month is about increasing awareness of social work and social workers. There are many people who do not know what social workers do, let alone the importance of the profession.

The theme for Social Work Month 2013 is 100 Ways to Promote Social Work. In honor of this special month and in celebration of the social work profession, tell us your suggestion of a great way to promote social work. How would you help increase awareness of the valuable contributions that social workers provide their communities?

We will be giving away products all month for the best responses received. Share this online and invite  your friends and colleagues to participate. The more responses we receive, the more prizes we will give away!

Visit our contact form to submit your best way to promote social work. We will be posting responses that we receive on our blog and on our Facebook page throughout the month. Published responses will not include your names or other personal identifiable information.

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