Best Time to Job Hunt


If asked what is the best time to make a positive change, the answer is simple – NOW.  There is no time like the present. If that positive change, however, involves looking for a new job, experts agree that the beginning of the year is the best time. It could be because employers have set their goals for the year and have a fresh annual budget to spend.  The beginning of the year marks a milestone and causes people to assess their well being from a health, professional and personal perspective.

Don’t let the fact that you do not have your social work license stand in the way of you and your new job.  You can always state the expected date of licensure on your resume. For example, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, expected in June 2016.  For questions on how to start the licensing process, go to www.socialworkguide.com.

So, what are you waiting for?

January 7, 2016

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