Looking Into Licensure: Obtaining Your Clinical Social Work License


If you are considering getting your license to become a clinical social worker, there are a few additional steps that you’ll need to take beyond getting your MSW degree. First of all, it is important to note that each state has its own list of requirements, so it is in your best interest to look into what you will need to do to obtain your license in your state.  Most states will require that you pass the ASWB licensing exam and obtain a certain number of field hours with documented clinical supervision.  In most instances you will need to complete 2 years of supervised hours.  You should check with your state social work board. 

 In order to become licensed, you must have a degree in Social Work; other related disciplines will not qualify.  There are options for becoming licensed on the Bachelor’s level, which requires a BSW, and on the Master’s level, requiring an MSW degree.  These degrees must be from an accredited school.

It is important to know which exam you will be taking and gather the appropriate materials that you will need to study for the exam. Because there are different levels of the ASWB exam, it is imperative that you register and prepare for the Clinical Level ASWB exam if your goal is to practice clinical social work, i.e., to do therapy.  The questions on this exam are different from those on the other levels of the exam and are geared more toward actual scenarios that you may face in clinical practice. There are great study tools and resources available to help you prepare for the ASWB licensing exam at www.SocialWorkGuide.com. Here you will find three different products to meet your needs including a comprehensive study guide, a workshop style-book that focuses on test taking strategies for the ASWB exam, and an interactive online practice exam.  They can be purchased as a 3 product combination package and are also sold individually. These tools will give you all of the information that you need to feel comfortable and confident in your ability to be successful on the ASWB licensing exam.

If you have any additional questions about the different levels of exam or what you need to do to become licensed, check out www.SocialWorkGuide.com.


August 19, 2013

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