The Power of the Process of Elimination on the ASWB Exams


The ASWB Social Work Licensing Examination is not very different than many other standardized multiple choice tests in terms of the design and structure of the questions. While it would be nearly impossible to pass this examination without adequate knowledge about the practice of social work, there are some tried and true test taking strategies that can help you get past some of the questions when you’re stuck.

Think about your experience taking any other multiple choice test in your past. This could be a large exam such as the SAT or the GRE, or the road sign test when you renew your driver’s license. The same rules and strategies apply when you are feeling stumped. One of the most powerful ways to help you wrap your mind around the correct answer is to look at all of the answer choices and compare them to the question. Read each answer and ask yourself, “Does this answer the question?”  If you can successfully eliminate even just one of the answer options, that leaves you with a greater chance of making the right choice.

Another important benefit to using the process of elimination strategy is that it will help you deduce whether or not your answer choice is the best answer option for the question. Sometimes when we read through a question, we automatically get an idea of what the answer should be and fail to think through all of the other options. However, there may be two answers that seem right but one is more appropriate than the other. This is especially common on the ASWB Exam because the questions can be a little challenging. Reading all of the choices with an open mind will prevent you from missing the best answer choice.

Even if you are 100% sure that you know the answer to a question, confirm that answer by using the process of elimination.  This will prevent you from selecting a correct answer when there is a better correct answer.  Remember, some levels of the ASWB exam will ask you to identify the “BEST” or “FIRST” answer choice.  When you see the bold, capital letter qualifiers in a question, you can be sure that there will be more than one good answer.  But, as the saying goes, there can only be one BEST answer.

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January 11, 2016

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